The Future Humanity

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Before we were quite indifferent about religion. After we read the Bible, we become very anti-religious. Religion is the mental poison that makes us slaves. Religion is a contamination of mind, that in all times prevented people from making correct decisions on all levels. It sits at the basis of almost all wars, it is the reason of overpopulation, poverty and ecological problems. In our opinion the man should be free from religion. Any kind of it.

Right now we are preparing content in Russian. Russia is the country that is slowly going down the madness of radicalizing orthodox Christianity. The roots are in the bible. For thousands of years this book dictates people how to think, behave and interact with reality in general. In our opinion most of it is wrong. While analysing the bible critically we will demonstrate the basic absence of anything good in it except the incredible amount of blood, violence, death and superstitious nonsense.

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