The Future Humanity
1 In the beginning God created heaven and earth.
Recently, debates between believers and disbelievers have necessarily contained reasoning regarding the emergence of peace. It's remarkable that the word ′′ peace ′′ in these debates is often replaced by the word ′′ universe ". How much biblical story about God's creation can somehow be meaningful with what we now know about the universe and the big explosion theory that resulted in did she show up?
The Big Bang theory, due to certain difficulties associated with the complexity of understanding, is an inevitable stumbling block on the path of simple customs when they try to reflect on space issues. The idea of originating everything from nothing, to say the least, cuts the hearing. Of course, you can encourage the reader by promising him that according to modern quantum mechanics, ′′ nothing ′′ is really empty. But it's all very difficult to imagine on a household level. However, this is exactly where most people try to understand things like this.
To understand the principles behind the big bang theory, it is not enough to have a good education. We need to or directly conduct research in this area of cosmology or at least digest tons of very complex, intricate literature-packed formulas. For 99,9 % of people, this is not an option.
Indeed, the word ′′ universe ′′ in the old testament is impossible, but its absence in this book should not cause any particular surprise or desire to argue about possible interpretations of this simple fact. By contrast, this state of affairs is quite natural, as the people who wrote this book about the universe we understand today, knew nothing. Peace for them was just the earth underfoot and the sky above their heads.
Thus, there is no objective reason to argue about the virtues or disadvantages of the Bible version of the creation of the universe.
Such a version simply does not exist and nothing is written about the creation of the universe in the Bible. In the short phrase ′′ In the beginning God created heaven and earth." contains all the information the Christian doctrine has on this subject. No additional information available. Description of space emergence with all its unimaginable diversity and complexity fits less than ten words. Attempts to remove a competitive theory of the origin of space, time and matter from one sentence are pleasing to their naivety.
Any attempts like this are nothing else but a dilettante cheating aimed at misleading an untrue reader. Nevertheless, absolutely amazing is the fact that a huge number of people still take these first ten old covenant stanes seriously. How can a modern person who received at least the most miserable education not realize that this text from thousands of years ago when people didn't have any worthwhile devices to check their own statements has nothing in common with what we mean by the word ′′ knowledge ". They DIDN ' T KNOW what the universe was, they DIDN ' T KNOW how it could be arranged, they DIDN ' T KNOW how it appeared and accordingly, they DIDN ' T WRITE about it in the Bible ..
In a fairy tale about a red hat or seven goats children believe only up to a certain age. A little later, their minds crept in doubt about the reality of Santa Claus. All parents face the problem of how to answer the question ′′ Mom (Dad) sooner or later, but it's true that Santa Claus is not real?". Santa Claus's fiction doesn't doubt any sane adult, but here are phrases like those that describe some ′′ spirit carrying over water ′′ are dressed in their minds in such an impassable armor that it prevents even the most obvious facts from entering.
What makes people wear this armor of ignorance? What benefits can life's dragging her on yourself? What is this turtle eagerness to hide in your shell from a complex, filled with many unclear things of the world? Trying to avoid the need to make difficult moral decisions by replacing the thought process of mumbling low-minded psalms? Fear of punishment in case ′′ what if it really exists?!"?
The credibility of the Old Testament is entirely described by its name itself, as the word ′′ old ′′ means nothing but obsolete, which has lost its former meaning.
At the same time, the authors of the Bible are difficult to make any claims. But people of modern claims must be made, because they have easy access to all the information we have accumulated on space issues. All this is on the Internet, written by popularizers of science in a simple and accessible language.
However, we seem to be very distracted, because we were not going to have distracted discussions on ′′ biblical cosmology for dummies ". We are facing quite a certain task, namely:
1. Take the text of the Holy Scripture (old covenant), and read it, as they say, ′′ from corks to corks ′′
2. translate this text into a normal language so that anyone who doesn't own biblical phraseology can understand WHAT is written in this book.
Now, before sailing on the stormy sea of the Old Testament chronicler, we will make one important preliminary assumption. Since we spent some time discussing the first page that the church presents us as an exhaustive storage of all information about the origin of the world, and we realized that the embryonic level of approach to such things in this book is quite appropriate to the level of knowledge of that time, we only have to eat at the fact that the further story of the Old Testament narrative will be much more meaningful.
We will be based on the premise that the text following the one-page biblical cosmology will be so brilliant and miraculous that people who seek spiritual food and advice in difficult times have at least the moral right to neglect it, a completely naive introduction dedicated to creating space. In other words, we will be trying to find an answer to what is in the Bible so wonderful, for which humanity has been leading its joking around for several thousand years.
Let's briefly describe our methods. Based on the fact that 1. The Bible contains ALL the information about the Christian God and the people he directly interacted with and 2. % which is NO MORE except in the Bible, we will not resort to any of its interpretations and we will work directly with the text of the scripture. By this, we mean that we are not interested in the comments of church servants and any interpretations made by others who have read the Bible, whatever goals they or their organizations are followed.
We will read the Bible as it is written and based solely on what we write, trying to understand this text as literally as possible or, in other words, to the letter for sure. As they say about this book, every word is true. That's what we need to check. To this end, we will undoubtedly need to resort to side sources of information regarding historical events mentioned therein. It is very important for us to understand how accurate they are described and whether you can trust them. It is also important for us to understand what the Bible means by faith and whether we can somehow combine this biblical faith with the irrefutable facts we now have.
Common sense and logic will serve as the main tool in our study. These two concepts are quite versatile and even the most powerful deity can't help them. If the text written in the Bible contradicts logic - it's a disadvantage of the Bible text, but by no means logic. If our common sense harries ′′ it can't be like that!", then it means that it can't be, no matter how sacred the statement that contradicts it.
We won't stop at every bible stroke, as at least in our opinion, not all of them are of interest. For example
26 Ioktan gave birth to Almoda, Shalefa, Hatsarmavefa, Ieraha,
27 Gadorama, Uzala, Diklu,
28 Oval, Avimaila, Sheva,
29 Ofira, Havilu and Job. All these sons of Ictan.
We will summarize such places as ′′ listing the descendants of Noah.". If another paradox slips in these places, we will definitely stop there, and so, just continue our journey following the newborn humanity with its strange, unpredictable peripetias.